New Year, New Edition for Bestseller

29th December 2016 – Greenstream Publishing will publish its eleventh edition of the internationally bestselling guide to solar electricity and installing photovoltaic systems, the Solar Electricity Handbook. The title is written by Michael Boxwell, a leading environmental speaker who is the inventor of the leading Battery LITE, an innovative solar battery storage system. The paperback is priced at £19.99/$19.99 and available from all major retailers. Full color hardback and ebook editions will also be available.

The Solar Electricity Handbook has consistently been the leading title in its subject since its first edition in 2009, outselling competitors all over the world and proving indispensable to solar installers, researchers, students and homeowners, providing an informative and practical guide to installing these energy saving and cost effective systems. The title is used worldwide as a university core reader and has been referenced in a recent White House paper on renewable energy.

Readers say:

A great guide to understanding solar and getting hands on.”

The greatest solar reference guide ever published!”

The web site that accompanies the book, found at, is one of the most comprehensive free online resources for solar energy on the internet, featuring solar calculators and project tools to make solar energy projects as straightforward as possible.

The solar industry continues to evolve with new and improved technologies, particularly in the area of battery storage, and the 2017 edition reflects this. The solar industry remains a hugely exciting arena to work in.” Michael adds.

Author Michael Boxwell is the inventor of the new Battery LITE battery storage system, a bestselling environmental technology author and an expert in the industry for fifteen years.


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