Renewables are Radical Again

Renewable energy has been the sensible and increasingly cost-effective choice for homeowners and corporations for quite some time, a far cry from the days of renewable energy projects in the developed world being the preserve of end-of-world conspiracy theorists and hippies. Yet since the inauguration of President Trump – who stated in 2015 that renewable energy was ‘just an expensive way of making the tree-huggers feel good about themselves’ – renewables may become a counter-culture choice once again, as Trump makes climate change denial the official stance and attempts to suppress the voices of those who claim otherwise. Renewables are radical once more.

Except, the voices that cry for energy revolution are no longer voices in the wilderness. Solar and wind have become mainstream, and clean energy is no longer a niche project. Most industry insiders have expressed a belief that it is too late for Trump to stem the tide of energy reform, no matter how vehement his denial or how fossil-fuel friendly his policies

Let’s hope they’re right. Meanwhile, Trump moves forward on tossing out Obama’s Clean Power Plan and cutting longstanding tax subsidies….




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